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Author Interview: Sarah Pinborough

Sarah Pinborough is a UK horror/thriller/fantasy author of adult and YA books and writes one of my favourite series or fairytale reimaginings, consisting of Poison, Charm and Beauty (you may have seen me raving about them over the last few months...).

Her writing is brilliant and her imagination dark and clever, which is good really considering the kind of books she writes! You should all check out her books, of which there are many, and see if you agree with me. I think you will!

Thanks for answering my questions, Sarah!


WR: How did the idea come about to rewrite classic fairytales with a dark, twisted spin? 

SP: It was originally my editor, Gillian's, idea. We'd both been watching and loving Once Upon a Time, and she asked if I'd consider re-working some fairy tales. I wasn't sure about it at first but once I'd done some research and the story for Poison came to me I was really excited to try my hand at it, especially as fairy tales are so different from what I normally write.

You'll have tackled Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty by the time Beauty is published. Are there plans for any more? (Please say yes...) 

There *may* be some more to come but I have other book/work commitments to fulfil first so for the moment, no.

Which did you enjoy writing more: Poison, Charm or Beauty

Hard to say. Poison was the hardest because I had to try and get the tone of a fairy tale right, and then panic that my editor would like it, but I like all three of the stories. I think Beauty is the best because it finishes the story off…or starts it, depends on your perspective.

All your fairytale covers are so lovely - did you have a hand in their design? Do you have a favourite? 

I didn't have any hand in the design, that was all down to the lovely Les Edwards and the cover team at Gollancz. But Gillian and I did give Les a list of the kind of things we wanted for the interior ink drawings.

Why did you make the decision to write under a pseudonym (Sarah Silverwood) for The Nowhere Chronicles series, beginning with The Double-Edged Sword?

It was my (then) editor's decision. She thought that the YA books were very different to the Dog-Faced Gods trilogy that Gollancz were also publishing and so wanted a different name for them. I think especially as the Dog-Faced Gods also had drugs and sex etc in them.

Do you prefer writing for adults or teenagers? 

I like writing for both. Once I'm in the story, it's only the story that matters not the intended audience. I might handle a scene differently for teenagers - especially if it involved sex or violence - but in the actual storytelling I plot just as intricately as I would for adults.

What's next for you, book-wise? Is there more YA on the cards? 

The next book I'm writing is called The Death House which I suppose is kind of New Adult/YA, that's for Gollancz. Then I have another adult crime book to write for Jo Fletcher, and then another YA for Gollancz. I also have just been commissioned to write a first episode for my own TV series. So very busy!


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