Saturday, 16 November 2013

US vs UK: Lips Touch Covers


While I like both these covers, I think the original US cover is more eye-catching and memorable. I like that it really shows off Jim Di Bartolo's fantastic artwork which is also included throughout the book. The vibrant orange is something different, and I'm sure it sticks in people's heads!

The UK cover looks a lot more adult, more stylised and classy. I prefer the fonts used for the title and author name, and it obviously now mentions Laini's hit novel Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I've yet to read Lips Touch but I do have a copy and am looking forward to it. Honestly, the art is brilliant and I'm sure the stories are too.

Which edition do you prefer?


maya said...

Personally I find the colours used on the US cover very garish, and I much prefer the black and white illustrations inside. My favourite cover is definitely the UK one - the plum against a black background is so simple and beautiful. I've just finished reading Lips Touch and I loved it!

Sally@Always Lost in Stories said...

I'm a bit meh about both covers. Still gonna read it though- it's Laini Taylor!