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The Rock 'n' Roll Diaries: Author Jamie Scallion and Mark Sheehan from The Script Interview Each Other!

The Rock 'n' Roll Diaries: Making It was published in the UK in November, in both print eBook format, by Mad Notes Media. This book is a collaborative effort between author Jamie Scallion and the band The Script, who just so happen to be one of my favourites (no, really). How cool is that?!

Here's what it's all about, courtesy of Amazon:
The Rock 'n' Roll Diaries is an electrifying new series following the fortunes of a teenage rock band from London, The RockAteers. Their Mission: World Domination. When Burt decides he must start a rock band to win the love of Bex, the hottest girl in the school, he is forced to assemble a group who wouldn’t normally be seen dead together. The RockAteers are born. It must work, and not just for Burt’s sake. Egg has spent his life on the outside looking in, Tea needs to avoid becoming part of his criminal family and Clipper yearns for more than a fast track to a football academy. When Egg reveals his song-writing genius, the only way is up… Can four opposites led by an ego-maniac function as a band and navigate the music industries shark infested waters? Who will win the race to sign them? And who will get the girl? MAKING IT is the first book in The Rock ‘n’ Roll Diaries series. Follow Burt, Egg, Tea and Clipper through the ups and downs of being in a teenage rock band in a brilliantly funny and compelling debut novel.

I'm lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to post a little extra content about this book, in the form of an interview between Jamie Scallion and Mark Sheehan from The Script (excuse me while I go and sit down for a minute). Hope you enjoy, and thanks to Jamie and Mark for interviewing each other!


Interview between author Jamie Scallion and Mark Sheehan from The Script - conducted in studio on 27/11/13 

Jamie: Do you have a favorite RockAteers’ song? 

Mark: Satellites I think. It’s hard as I love them all and I think they do different things. Danny and I heard a rough version of Satellites when we were in LA and both rang Jamie separately to say how much we loved it. Once we got in the studio and produced it with Jim Barry and The RockAteers it really took off.

Mark: How hard was it to write in the character of the band? 

Jamie: It was hard. I like to describe a band’s internal relationship as akin to being in a four-way marriage. There are so many emotions and opinions flying around but at the same time it’s essential a band have its own unique identity. I didn't have logos or pictures of The RockAteers at the time, so I had to use imagery (like High Bench) and situations (like the on-stage scenes) to give character to the group.

Jamie: Why did you want to be involved in writing songs for the book?

Mark: Writing is all I do so it was a natural step. It’s great fun.

Mark: Why do you think it's important to engage with readers beyond the experience of reading the book? 

Jamie: I can only talk in our case. It’s a book about a band and that band plays music. It was kind of a no-brainer. They would scrap on Twitter with other bands. They would put their music on Spotify. They would have a logo. On a broader tip, I think enriched ebooks, for example, are a fantastic way to offer readers a more enhanced experience. Do I think an augmented experience is right for every book? Not sure. What's vital is that the various strings in the project, book, music etc, stand up in their own right. It is after all a story, so it needs to be compelling.

Same question to both: Are any of the band members based on you or anyone you know? 

Mark: You will have to read the book and take an educated guess!

Jamie: Ha ha! Yes, I've used lots of people, well known and people I have met to build all the characters. Some of the guesses have been brilliant so far.

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