Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Cover Reveal: The Year of the Rat by Clare Furniss!

The Year of the Rat is a fantastic UK debut being published by Simon and Schuster on April 24th, 2014, and the cover was just revealed today. It's a lovely cover and suits the book so well - as soon as you read it, you'll know what I mean. Here's a synopsis:
I always thought you'd know, somehow, if something terrible was going to happen. I thought you'd sense it, like when the air goes damp and heavy before a storm and you know you'd better hide yourself away somewhere safe until it all blows over. But it turns out it's not like that at all. There's no scary music playing in the background like in films. No warning signs. Not even a lonely magpie. One for sorrow, Mum used to say. Quick, look for another. The world can tip at any moment … a fact that fifteen-year-old Pearl is all too aware of when her mum dies after giving birth to her baby sister. Told across the year following her mother's death, Pearl's story is full of bittersweet humour and heartbreaking honesty about how you deal with grief that cuts you to the bone, as she tries not only to come to terms with losing her mum, but also the fact that her sister - The Rat - is a constant reminder of why her mum is no longer around…

I read The Year of the Rat in one go a couple of nights ago and absolutely loved it. It's heartbreaking and funny and touching, so realistic and brilliantly written by Clare Furniss. I can't wait until it's published and I can start selling it to people!

For now, here's the cover. Do let me know what you think!

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