Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Review: Odd, Weird & Little by Patrick Jennings

Publisher: Egmont USA
Format: Hardcover
Released: January 28th, 2014
Rating: 8/10

Amazon summary:

When the new kid joins his class, Woodrow agrees with his schoolmates--Toulouse is really weird. He's short - kindergarten short - dresses in a suit like a grandpa, has huge eyes, and barely says a word. But Woodrow isn't exactly Mr. Popularity. The frequent target of the class bully himself, he figures that maybe all Toulouse needs is a chance. And when the two are put together in gym to play volleyball, they make quite the team. Toulouse can serve, set, and spike like a pro. He really knows how to fly around the court. But when the attention and teasing switch back to Woodrow, he learns that the new kid is great at something else: being a friend.


Odd, Weird & Little is such a lovely book and is one of the best I've read for children. It's the first I've read by author Patrick Jennings and is about a little owl called Toulouse Hulot. Toulouse joins a new school after moving from Quebec, much to the fascination of his classmates. He wears a suit and tie, glasses, carries a briefcase and is one of the cutest book characters I've ever come across.

Woodrow is the only person in Toulouse's class who really gives him the time of day, and the two quickly become friends, despite all Toulouse's oddities. Themes of bullying and individuality are both at the forefront of this book, and learning to be happy with yourself
as you are, no matter how strange people might think you are.

Odd, Weird & Little is an important book for children of all ages, thanks to its themes and issues explored. It's also one of the cutest books I've read, and that's all down to Toulouse and his small owl body. Aww. I want one of him for myself! Actually, what I want to do is read the book again, so I think I'll go and do that. It's a quick read but such a brilliant one - do check it out if you get a chance!

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Becky Scott said...

Definitely one for the school library.