Saturday, 25 January 2014

Review: The Story Machine by Tom McLaughlin

Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's Books
Format: Large hardcover
Released: January 2nd, 2014
Rating: 8/10

Amazon summary:

A captivating story about the magic of story telling - The Story Machine will capture your imagination and your heart! 


The Story Machine is another great picture book from Bloomsbury. This one's a lovely big hardback with, as expected, brilliant illustrations and a nice story to go with it, all by Tom McLaughlin. He's a clever man that one.

This book is all about young Elliott who finds an old typewriter hidden away. He's not quite sure how to use it at first, but he soon finds out that he can create letters and words and stories just by pressing the keys. By the end of the book he realises that it's him who's writing the stories and drawing pictures, not the machine. It's his very own mind!

It's refreshing to read a book about the power of the mind, rather than the wonders of technology. I mean, of course modern technology is brilliant - I wrote this review on my iPhone - but sometimes it's good to remind children that their imagination's exist for a reason, and that sometimes making up their own stories is the most fun they can ever have. This message will resonate with readers, both young and old, and will remind them of the power of storytelling.

The Story Machine is a really nice book for children and is well presented with text that looks like it's been typed on a typewriter. The illustrations are eye-catching and are sure to be a hit with their target audience. At the very least, they'll all be learning what a typewriter is!

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