Saturday, 4 January 2014

Review: Yikes, Stinysaurus! by Pamela Butchart and Sam Lloyd

Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's Books
Format: Large paperback
Released: January 9th, 2013
Rating: 8/10

Amazon summary:

Stinkysaurus is the smelliest dinosaur in the whole wide world, and don't the other dinosaurs know it! The dinos rushed for cover, When Stinkysaurus was about! He smelled so bad that just one whiff, Could knock a T-Rex out! He never ever brushed his teeth, So his breath was super-grotty. And, poo! You won't believe the smells, That parped out from his botty! Yikes, Stinkysaurus! Finally, however, the other dinosaurs decide that the time has come for Stinkysaurus to take a bath. But will Stinkysaurus agree?


Yikes, Stinkysaurus! is a fantastically fun picture book about a dirty dinosaur who just refuses to have a bath! It rhymes, it's fast and it's about dinosaurs - the coolest creatures to ever walk the Earth (amazing, weren't they?). What more could you want?!

Poor Stinkysaurus is so dirty and smelly that no-one will be his friend. All the other dinosaurs hatch a plan to get him clean again and, thanks to them, Stinkysaurus isn't lonely anymore. It's a story I'm sure parents are all too familiar with - the dreaded bath time. Maybe this book will help you persuade your kids to stay clean... after all, they don't want to end up like Stinkysaurus!

The illustrations in Yikes, Stinkysaurus! are great; I'm a big fan of dinosaurs so this book is right up my street. The dinosaurs look friendly and bright and not at all like the intimidating, slightly scary creatures they actually were. I think my mum would have appreciated this book when I was little - I hated baths and loved dinosaurs. A win-win situation for all involved! Buy this picture book for that little T-Rex in your life and hopefully you'll enjoy bath times once again... just watch out for mud!

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