Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Cover News: Sun Catcher and Storm Chaser's New Look!

Sheila Rance's children's fantasy trilogy published by Orion, consisting of Sun Catcher and the upcoming Storm Chaser, is getting a new cover look in the UK! I really like these new covers which is why I'm posting them here... aren't they lovely? Sun Catcher is published in paperback on March 6th and Storm Chaser hits shelves for the first time on May 8th.

Here's a bit more information about the first book, Sun Catcher:
On her 13th birthday Maia, who has been brought up by Tareth, the weaver and warrior who she has always believed is her father, falls into an adventure that will take her on a perilous journey to a kingdom poisoned by bitterness and jealousies. A kingdom that she must save. Tareth is no ordinary weaver - the silk he weaves sings of destiny and danger, of Maia's future. Because she is no ordinary girl either. She has always been the flame-headed outsider among the Cliff Dwellers, but she doesn't want to listen to the song of the silk, or to the terrifying words of the village Watcher. Guarding her secret, denying her future, Maia steps into places she has never explored where she'll encounter mercenaries, spies, friends and enemies. And where she will face her destiny as a Sun Catcher.

Here are both new covers in all their fantasy glory. What do you think?

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