Thursday, 27 February 2014

Review: Spies in Disguise - Boy in Tights by Kate Scott

Publisher: Piccadilly Press
Format: Paperback
Released: July 1st, 2013
Rating: 8/10

Amazon summary:

James Bond never had to wear a dress! Joe discovers his parents are spies, which is great. But Joe's parents are in danger which is not so great. And Joe has to go undercover as a girl which is definitely not great at all. Joe (now Josephine) is miserable when he starts his new school in a blond wig, dress and tights. But soon he has a spy mission of his own. Using a host of unusual gadgets, Joe investigates some suspicious goings on. But can he do so without revealing his true identity?


I really enjoyed Spies in Disguise: Boy in Tights and am so glad I had the opportunity to read it. It's a fantastically funny book for younger readers, making me laugh out loud and be thankful that my parents aren't spies - I'd be terrible at having to convincingly lie about things!

Joe starts off living a normal life, reading his favourite series of books and hanging out with his friend Eddie. Then everything changes when his parents quickly move house and divulge their big secret - they're spies and he now has to go undercover as a girl! Joe, now Josie, handles it all a lot better than I thought he would. He sees the bigger picture, and realises that his safety and the safety of his parents could be at risk. That's not to say that he completely embraces life as a girl, because he doesn't. He doesn't understand girls and their make-up and pink dresses, but he gives it his best shot, often with very comical repercussions.

I love a good spy story, and Spies in Disguise: Boy in Tights is a great addition to that genre. Even better because it's aimed at readers aged 8+. It's full of humour, danger and cool gadgets (like a football that can record conversations!), and has an intelligent mystery at it's centre. June 2014 sees the publication of the second book in the series, Boy in a Tutu, and I can't wait to see what Joe gets up to next. Hopefully it'll be a new spy adventure just as exciting as this one!

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Jesse Owen said...

This sounds right up my street! Great review :D