Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Legend of Frog Blog Tour: A Day in the Life of Frog!

The Legend of Frog by Guy Bass was published on February 3rd in the UK, and I'm very happy to be taking part in Guy's fun blog tour!  Here's more info about the book, in case you were wondering what Frog is all about:
Prince Frog is convinced he's destined to rule the world ...the trouble is, the world has ended. Undeterred, Frog sets out to claim his crown, armed with nothing more than a pair of Catastrophe Pants and his trusty stick, Basil Rathbone. But Frog soon realizes that the world isn't quite as ended as he thought. He discovers a magical kingdom, filled with wild landscapes, strange creatures ...and a princess sitting on his throne. Together with his new friend, Sheriff Explosion the sheep, Frog seeks to prove his princeliness and escape the clutches of the princess who's sure he'd make a better pet than a prince. But just when Frog thinks things can't get any worse, he discovers he is actually the prince of an invading alien army and that he's just given the go-ahead for an all-out alien invasion. Can he and the princess put aside their differences long enough to save the kingdom - and the world? It's time for Frog to decide whether to be a prince or a hero?

Thanks to Guy for this post, and I hope you enjoy a day in the life of Frog!


A Day in the Life of (Prince) Frog 
This is how my day goed went today:

1. Wake up. One stretch, two yorns, one bum-trumpet.

2. Rite down my dreems. Dreemed I was flying over KINGDOMLAND again, eaven though that’s impossibul.

3. Check out royal reflekshun in mirror. Skin excellent princely green as ever, teeth all shined-up for royal smiles, eyes speshul big for seeing importunt things, mighty muscles for mightiness.

4. Address goodly loyal royal subjects - Sir Sock Snake, Sir Face Paynted on a Rock and Lord Limpington the One Legged Teddy.

They all say how princely I'm looking and do applorze.

5. Look owt of window. Still on farty little island on the Edge of the End of the Wurld. Stare out over THE INBETWEEN. My friend Buttercup says that big Oh-shun of sea is the only thing that keeps the END OF THE WURLD from getting us. On the other side of that water is everything terribul.

Smell of burp wafts into my room.

6. Go into kitchun and see Buttercup boiling vegetabuls for brekkfust. Again. Hole house smells of burp.

7. Eat two turnips. They taste of burp too. Buttercup says vegetabuls are princely royal but once she told me about how she used to eat POLISHED SANDWITCHES in the palase of Kingdomland. Now they sound royal.

8. Then I ask the queschun I always ask.

Buttercup, can I go and see what the END OF THE WURLD is like?

Then buttercup says what she always says.

Buttercup tells me she saw the End of the Wurld happen but she got away. She took me with her, when I was just an egg. Now it's just us. She always says that. It's just us.

Then I say please can I go?
Then she says NO
Then I say please
Then she says NO
Then I say please
Then she says NO!

She’ll NEVER say yes. That is why I have my PLAN.

10.Cownt the clowds
11. Water the flower
12. Dig more vegetabuls for lunch and eat them for lunch
13. Draw a pikchur of me on my throne wearing a proper shined up crown
14. Practise sord fighting with BASIL RATHBONE, my first-rate best unbreakable sword (not a stick).

15. Stare out over the Inbetween.

15½. Wait.

16. Eat dinner. Dinner is the same as breakfast and lunch. My burps smell of burp.

17. Go to my room to get ready for bed.

18. Secrutly Check the Importunt List of Things I Will Need for my PLAN.
1 pair CATASTROFEE PANTS (in case of catastrofee)
1 RAFT OF IDEAS, to carry me across the Inbetween to the End of the Wurld.

Tomorrow night I leave the Island at the Edge of the End of the Wurld.
Tomorrow night I find out what the End of the Wurld ackshully looks like. Tomorrow night I fulfil my density.

My name is Frog.
Let the advenchur begin!

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