Saturday, 8 March 2014

Review: Mama Barkfingers by Cavan Scott

Publisher: Badger Learning
Format: Paperback
Released: January, 2014
Rating: 9/10

Summary from author site:

Lucas has had enough of being bullied. Alfie Kane has made his life a misery for years and it and it stops today! Lucas and his friends have concocted a plan that will show Alfie up for the coward he is. If only they can persuade him to go down to the old oak tree at the bottom of Cleeve Woods. That’s where strange things are known to happen. That’s where lessons will be learned.


Mama Barkfingers is another book from Badger Learning, perfect for reluctant readers or anyone looking for an excellent short story. At fifty pages long it's a quick read, but thanks to its creepiness it's one that will haunt you for a while!

Lucas has been bullied by Alfie for years, and he's finally had enough. Along with his friends Mia and Jack, Lucas devises a plan to scare Alfie away for good, and it involves the story of Mama Barkfingers, a horrible old witch who lives in an oak tree...

I love a good scary story so Mama Barkfingers is right up my street. I continue to be amazed by how these Badger Learning authors can create such an effective piece of literature in less than sixty pages, making it memorable and enjoyable at the same time. No doubt this book will be picked up by teen readers many, many times; I know I'll definitely be dipping into it again when I get chance.

Mama Barkfingers is one of the best short stories I've ever read and I hope Cavan Scott plans to write more. It's not gory or gruesome, but it employs a strong sense of unease that never really goes away. Just remember: if you go down to the woods today, avoid any towering oak trees. Mama Barkfingers is out there somewhere...

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