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The Everest Files Blog Tour: Matt Dickinson Talks Everest!

 The Everest Files is the latest book from Matt Dickinson, an award-winning writer and filmmaker with a passion for climbing and adventure. It was published in the UK on March 10th by Vertebrate Publishing, which means it's now available for your reading pleasure! Here's more information about what you can expect from The Everest Files:
A thrilling journey to the dark side of Everest In the deepest Himalaya a story is spreading like wildfire. The story of an Everest expedition unlike any other. An expedition that ended in lies, betrayal, mysterious disappearances - and death. At the heart of it all - rumours of dark forces at play. This is the mystery that eighteen-year-old Ryan Hart sets out to solve. Ryan is on a gap year adventure, working for a medical charity in Nepal. In his own words he is 'up for anything' and when a local girl begs him to investigate why her sixteen-year-old friend Kami never came back from Everest, Ryan cannot resist the challenge. A solo journey takes Ryan deep into the mountains where his detective work finally pays off. What emerges is a shocking story of fatal human errors, a twisting tale in which life and death decisions are distorted by ambition, ego and greed. All played out on the lethal slopes of the highest mountain in the world. Kami's story seems like an open and shut case but something has changed in Ryan and it turns out the adventure isn't over. Everest is calling - and Ryan may not be able to resist.

Thanks very much to Matt for writing this post for me - Everest sounds fascinating, if a little bit scary!


Matt Dickinson (author of new teen title ‘The Everest Files’) goes in search of…

THE EVEREST WEIGHTLOSS PLAN! Fancy eating 300 chocolate bars and still losing a kilo a week (guaranteed!)? Just sign up for an Everest expedition and let nature do the rest!

Climbing Everest is closer to us all than it has ever been. Websites, blogsites, helmet mounted cameras and permanent wifi at base camp have opened up the mountain in a way that the early explorers likeMallory and Irvine could never have imagined.

But one aspect of climbing the world’s highest peak remains hidden; what actually happens to your body as you head into the rarified heights? And, having gone through the dramatic weight changes that extreme altitude causes…are you ever really the same again?

The first thing you notice at base camp is that food makes you feel sick. Even the tastiest delicacy turns the stomach. This is because your digestive system is already shutting down. Precious oxygen normally used to help you generate the heat you need to digest is now diverted to other vital bits like the brain, the liver and simply keeping the body core warm.

 That’s why the chocolate thing is so important. Necking down five or six bars a day gives you the vital sugars you need to keep your muscles firing. But don’t make the mistake I made—buying 300 bars of the same chockie treat for my expedition. Toffee Crisp gets a little bit tedious after you’ve eaten the first hundred and fifty bars!

And nobody else liked them, so I couldn’t even swap them for a Mars Bar or a Twix!

So you quickly start to lose weight. Partly because you just don’t feel like eating. And partly because your body cannot properly digest up here where there is just 30% of the oxygen we are used to breathing. Experts reckon that for every 1000 calories you put in your body up there you only actually get the benefit of 100!

So you can literally stuff your face and still shed the fat.

I lost eleven kilos of body fat in ten weeks. And I was a skinny type to start with!

Of course when the expedition is over you quickly regain your appetite. I recall eating a mountain of cream cakes, sizzling steaks, and litres of ice cream when we got back to Kathmandu. And, naturally, I was as sick as a dog as a result! My stomach had shrunk to the size of a walnut and I was no longer used to rich food.

I got home looking like a stick man. And it took about six months to regain the weight. The human body can re-adjust but it does take time. The frostbite didn’t help either, but that’s another story.

So, if anyone wants a telephone number for the Everest weightloss programme please do let me know. But be prepared! I have nightmares to this day about being stranded on a desert island with only one type of food.

You guessed it. Toffee Crisp!

Matt Dickinson is a climber and writer with a passion for pushing the limits. He has filmed on the summit of Mt Everest and directed films for National Geographic TV and Discovery Channel in many wild corners of the world. His teen series ‘Mortal Chaos’ was warmly received by critics and readers alike and his new teen series ‘The Everest Files’ is published by Vertebrate on the 10th March.


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