Thursday, 15 May 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Weirdos vs. Bumskulls Song Reveal - Nork-Grabbing Quimboid!

Natasha Desborough's hilariously funny Weirdos vs. Bumskulls is published very soon (next week in fact, by Catnip - YAY) and I'm excited to be exclusively revealing a new song to accompany the book, titled Nork-Grabbing Quimboid! Here's Blossom Uxley-Michaels herself to introduce it:

Camel Toe is the AWESOME electro-rock band that I formed earlier this year with my best friend Petrina. We write songs about the things that are important in life such as love, heartache, politics, sexism, bullying and Petrina’s crippling fear of otters. Nork Grabbing Quimboid is quite frankly, the angriest song I have EVER written. It was inspired by a (proper real time HOT) quimboid of the highest order who broke my heart and violated my feminist body. This is one for the sisterhood.

...and here's the song! What do you think? Is it how you imagined it? Better? Worse? (Don't tell Blossom - it might upset her!). You can also listen to it here.

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