Friday, 23 May 2014

Out of Control Blog Tour: A Tour of Sarah Alderson's Workspace!

Liva has moved to New York to start a new life. But when gunmen storm into the house in the middle of the night and kill everyone apart from her, that new life seems to swiftly become a living nightmare. Soon Liva is on the run, and bad boy Jay seems to be the only person she can trust. Only Jay and Liva don't know who they're running from. All they know is that whoever it is, they want Liva dead... or worse...

Out of Control is published this week in the UK by Simon and Schuster, and to celebrate I'm taking part in the blog tour! Sarah's written a really cool post for me which you can read below, all about her workspace. Hope you enjoy it!


Sarah Alderson's Workspace

I have written most my books in bed. That’s my favourite work spot but I can write anywhere so long as I have my headphones and music playing. I wrote Losing Lila on the beach in Goa.

I do have a studio with a beautiful 8 foot long Tamarind wood desk that my husband and I rescued from a roadside shop in Bali but my husband and I share it and he’s really messy and he’s often on Skype to clients so I tend to retreat to the bedroom to work!

On my desk I have:

1. All my books lined up!

2. This wood cutting of the Brooklyn Bridge that I bought at Brooklyn Flea Market when I was in New York researching Out of Control. I love New York. I have fantasies of living there one day so this is there to inspire me.

3. I have framed pictures on the wall - a picture of London which is where I’m from, photographs of my niece and nephews, and some framed quotes including the one that I used at the start of Severed: ‘There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.’

4. I have this wooden artist’s doll that my husband decorated for me for our anniversary a few years ago. It’s very sentimental. Though I guess it looks a little creepy to the uninitiated…

5. A photograph of my husband and daughter which was taken a few years ago in India. We were watching this amazing parade of elephants and Hindu gods.

6. A pot full of pens (none of which ever work).

7. On my bedside table I have a stack of books I’m in the process of reading (my daughter’s books are mixed up in there too).

- And bowls of jewellery.

- And a photo of my daughter.

- My notebook which goes with me everywhere.

- My iPad.

- My lucky stone which I plucked from the river in Yosemite (that might be illegal I’m not sure).

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