Monday, 19 May 2014

Review: Undead Pets - Gasp of the Ghoulish Guinea Pig by Sam Hay

Publisher: Stripes Publishing
Format: Paperback / eBook
Released: January 6th, 2014
Rating: 8/10

Amazon summary:

Joe is just an ordinary boy until he makes a wish on a spooky Egyptian amulet...Now he's the Protector of Undead pets! This is the seventh book in the spooky but sweet series, telling the story of Flash, a guinea pig who needs Joe's help to save his litter mates from an escaped snake. The books in the Undead Pets series are full of animal zombies and pets with one last thing to do before they pass to the other side!


Undead Pets is a children's series I've wanted to read for ages, mostly because it's about undead zombie pets and what they get up to in the afterlife. Gasp of the Ghoulish Guinea Pig is the first title from the series I've read and I thoroughly enjoyed it - kids today are seriously spoiled for choice when it comes to the books available to them. This is a golden age of literature, no questions asked.

Sam is a normal ten-year-old boy, desperate for a pet but unable to have one because of his mum's allergies. Thanks to a great-uncle and an ancient Egyptian amulet, Joe becomes the Protector of Undead Pets, helping them solve all their undead problems so they can pass over peacefully. In this book, Joe meets Flash, a guinea pig who sadly dies in a tragic accident. Joe must act quickly and help Flash save his guinea friends from a snake on the loose, before they're all gobbled up!

I think the whole premise of this series is brilliant, and very topical thanks to the world's love of zombies and the undead. This particular book is fast-paced and fun, as well as being brilliantly illustrated by Simon Cooper. I've honestly never seen a dead guinea pig look so cute! I loved Flash and his caring nature which he still maintained, even in death. He looks out for his fellow furry friends and does anything he can to track down the snake - now that's true friendship!

I would have absolutely loved this series when I was little, thanks to my small (err, rather large) obsession with the undead and supernatural. It's funny, unusual and ridiculously enjoyable - exactly what 5+ readers want. I'm really looking forward to reading more from Sam Hay, starting with Hour of the Doomed Dog. It promises to be a ghoulish treat!

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