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Model Spy Blog Tour: Sarah Sky's Top Ten Female Spies!

Models, spies and lipstick gadgets in this fast-paced new teen series. Jessica Cole is just your average teenager, except when she's strutting down the glamorous catwalks of Paris. When her father, a former spy, vanishes mysteriously, Jessica takes matters into her own hands. She's not just good at striking a pose, she's going to take on MI6 and beat them at their own game. Following her father's trail, Jessica's investigation lands her hot on the heels of a deranged former supermodel, Allegra Knight, who plans to unleash mayhem on an unsuspecting teenage population with the launch of her new miracle face cream, Teenosity.

Model Spy: Code Red Lipstick was published in the UK by Scholastic on June 5th, 2014 and sounds like a great read for fans of the Geek Girl series!

To celebrate publication, Scholastic have put together a blog tour that I'm really excited to be part of. Thanks to Sarah for writing the below guest post for me and I hope you all enjoy reading it!


by Sarah Sky

1 Cammie Morgan, the Gallagher Girls
The Gallagher Academy looks like a private girls’ boarding school but trains its pupils to be spies. Achingly cool, clever and determined, these girls aren't to be messed with under any circumstances – particularly Cammie. She can reportedly kill a man in seven different ways, including using pieces of uncooked spaghetti. Don’t accept the invite if she asks you round for Italian tonight.
2 Harriet the Spy
No one can deny that 11-year-old Harriet Welsch was dedicated to spying. She walked around with her notebook, observing what was going on in her neighbourhood. A film of the book starred Michelle Trachtenberg from Buffy the Vampire (I had to work Buffy into this somehow. She’d have made a great spy if she hadn’t been busy vampire slaying and saving the world from the First).
3 Agent Lucy Wilde, Despicable Me 2
The Anti-Villain League agent had the best lines and the best gadgets. LIPSTICK TASER! Need I say more?

4 Sydney Bristow, Alias
I have huge respect for this lady - she knew her martial arts, virtually every language under the sun and her gadgets. She high kicked her way through five seasons of Alias, working as spy for the CIA. She always had the best moves, funny wigs and a very hot handler, Michael Vaughn. Admittedly, the plot got a bit silly (Rambaldi, anyone?) but I remained loyal to the end. Another Alias character was Lauren Reed, played by Melissa George, who recently starred in BBC1’s Hunted, which I enjoyed. Her espionage operative character, Sam, was pretty good at martial arts too and always had immaculate hair and lipstick, even when fighting to the death.
5 Ros Myers, Spooks
I loved Ros – an MI5 chief of section. She was cool, sharp-tongued and remarkably calm under pressure. She also had a very nice collection of leather jackets and got to flirt with heart throb Adam Carter. Whenever London or the rest of the world was under threat we could all breathe a sigh of relief - Ros was on it. She'd sort it, even if it meant having to sacrifice herself in the end. Sob. RIP Ros.
6 Ruth Evershed, Spooks
Ruth was an MI5 intelligence analyst. She was also brilliant, methodical, slightly eccentric and boasted a formidable memory. She was in love with Harry and we all rooted for them to get together, but the happy ever after was snatched away in the final episode. Another sad ending for a great female Spooks character, but at least she didn’t have her head stuck in a deep fat fryer like young MI5 trainee, Helen Flynn.
7 Nikita
Nikita was forced to work for a shadowy French government intelligence agency as a spy/assassin in the 1990 film La Femme Nikita. Her first mission was to assassinate a diplomat in a restaurant. She proved formidable at her job and the character was reprised by Bridget Fonda in a remake called Point of No Return (whatever happened to Bridget?) and more recently in the Nikita TV series. In whichever TV or film version you happen to catch, Nikita knows how to handle a weapon and will track you down. You’d better start running.

8 Evelyn Salt
Angelina Jolie had form as a spy, starring in the 2005 movie, Mr and Mrs Smith with her partner-to-be, Brad Pitt. She wasn’t someone you’d want to get on the wrong side of in this film – or in Salt, where she played a fleeing CIA agent who was suspected of being a Russian double agent. She sported some dodgy wigs, handy spider venom and generally lacked any sense of humour whatsoever amid the bloodshed.
9 Charlotte Gray
Charlotte Gray – the heroine of Sebastian Faulkes’ novel – becomes involved in the French resistance during World War 11. The film version, starring Cate Blanchett, was so-so, but it still reminds us of the bravery of real-life British agents during the war including Nancy Wake, who was the Gestapo’s most wanted person in 1943, and Pearl Cornioley. Hugely courageous and resourceful, this pair along with other British female spies helped inflict huge damage on German troops.
10 M
M- the head of the British Secret Intelligence Service – in Ian Fleming’s Bond books, was immortalised by Dame Judi Dench. She was stern, had the driest of sense of humours, some cracking lines “if I want sarcasm I’ll talk to my children” and was pretty much the only person who could kind of kick Daniel Craig’s Bond into line. Who can forget their touching final scene together in Skyfall? That lady deserves some respect.

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This sounds so much fun, I am not really a fan of spy books, I bought the first Gallagher Girls book and wasn't mad on it but this one with the modeling storyline sounds so cool.