Wednesday, 4 June 2014

News: The Letter for the King London Quest!

A young messenger. A secret mission. A kingdom in peril.
When young squire Tiuri answers a desperate call for help, he finds himself on a perilous mission that could cost him is knighthood, and ultimately his life. He must deliver a secret letter to the King who lives across the Great Mountains – a letter upon which the future of the entire realm depends. He must trust no one. He must keep his true identity secret. Above all, he must never reveal what is in the letter…

The Letter for the King is published on June 5th by Pushkin Children's, in both paperback and eBook, and to celebrate there's something rather special happening in London tomorrow! This book was published for the first time in English as a hardcover in 2013, so this is all very exciting.

Here's the lovely Katie from Riot Communications to tell you more:

Tomorrow, June 5th, will see a surprise for anyone travelling on the London Underground. 100 copies of The Letter for the King by Tonke Dragt will be placed in underground stations, along with wax sealed letters outlining a quest, and a chance to win a reward. What this reward may be, no one knows, but, I’ve been assured, it’ll be well worth tweeting a picture of yourself with a book – if you find one – along with the hashtag #MyQuest. I’m intrigued – and love the idea of a wax seal! Completely in keeping with old-school feel of this classic novel…
The Letter for the King was first published in Dutch in 1962. In the Netherlands it was selected as Children's Book of the Year and 50 years later was chosen as the Best Children's Book of the last half century. In addition, it has sold over a million copies world-wide, been translated into 15 languages and has even been made into a feature film. Tonke Dragt, the author, received the State Prize for Youth Literature and a knighthood, yet despite this staggering acclaim, The Letter for the King has only now been made available in English by Pushkin Children’s Books. And boy, do we thank them for it. If you’re not lucky enough to find a copy on the underground, the beautiful paperback is available to buy from tomorrow!

Sounds exciting, right? So, if you're travelling on the London Underground tomorrow, make sure to keep an eye out for copies of the book and wax sealed letters. Don't forget to tweet your pictures with the hashtag #MyQuest, and good luck!


As a cool little extra, here are a couple of Tonke Dragt's illustrations from The Letter for the King. Aren't they great?!

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