Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Review: Haunt by Curtis Jobling

Publisher: Simon and Schuster Children's
Format: Paperback / eBook
Released: June 5th, 2014
Rating: 7.5/10

Amazon summary:

When Will finds himself in hospital, but unable to make anyone see or hear him, he realises that he never made it home from his first kiss with the school hottie. Knocked off his bike in a road traffic accident, Will is now officially dead - and a ghost. But somehow his best mate, Dougie, can still see him, and, what is more, increasingly Will seems bound to Dougie, going only where Dougie goes. Once they've exhausted all the comic possibilities of being invisible, they set about unravelling the mystery of Will's predicament. Is it something to do with that kiss, or the driver of the car that killed him and didn't stop? Maybe they will find an answer by investigating the rumour that there is an unhappy spirit haunting the ruins in the school grounds, and if so, why? What they discover is a long-buried mystery, which stretches its fingers right into the present...


Haunt: Dead Scared is the start of Curtis Jobling's brand new series about a teenage boy who finds himself dead and ghostly. It's quick, witty and clever, making it a great read for anyone who's familiar with Darren Shan's work. There are even one or two genuinely creepy moments that will have you checking all your windows and doors are locked!

Will is involved in an unfortunate accident and killed pretty instantly. He soon figures out that he's now a ghost and can see everything going on around him, including his own funeral, and only his best friend Dougie can see or hear him. Will thinks he'll be able to move on as soon as he solves his hit-and-run death, but un-life isn't quite as simple as that. A haunted house, an old ghost and the local school all play a part in Will's quest to discover the truth, but nothing turns out as it should...

Haunt: Dead Scared is full of jokes and sarcastic remarks, plus more pop culture references than you can shake a ghost at. Buffy even gets a mention, which immediately means Haunt gets two translucent thumbs up from me! I'm a big fan of ghosts and other supernatural creatures, so already this book was right up my street before I'd even turned the first page. Luckily it lived up to my rather high expectations and has set the scene for The Further Adventures of Will and Dougie.

The sequel to Haunt is due in 2015, and I for one am looking forward to seeing what happens next for Will and co. I never knew there were so many ghosts hanging about up north, but I'll now be keeping my eye out for any spectral appearances. I suggest you do the same!


Jesse Owen said...

I'm reading (and loving) this one at the moment. I didn't know there was a sequel - this makes me happy! :)

prophecygirl said...

It's a fun read isn't it Jesse?! Yay for more!