Thursday, 26 June 2014

Review: Ten Ways to be Adored When Landing a Lord by Sarah MacLean

Publisher: Piatkus
Format: Paperback / eBook
Released: May 1st, 2014
Rating: 7.5/10

Amazon summary:

Since being named 'London's Lord to Land' by a popular ladies' magazine, Nicholas St John has been relentlessly pursued by every matrimony-minded female in the ton. So when an opportunity to escape fashionable society presents itself, he eagerly jumps - only to land in the path of the most determined, damnably delicious woman he's ever met! The daughter of a titled wastrel, Lady Isabel Townsend has too many secrets and too little money. Though she is used to taking care of herself quite handily, her father's recent passing has left Isabel at sea and in need of outside help to protect her young brother's birthright. The sinfully handsome, eminently eligible Lord Nicholas could be the very salvation she seeks. But the lady must be wary and not do anything reckless and foolish . . . like falling madly, passionately in love.


Ten Ways to be Adored When Landing a Lord is the second book in Sarah MacLean's Love by Numbers and also the second of her books I've read. While it isn't quite as good as Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake, I still really enjoyed it and am now firmly a fan of Regency romance!

This book follows Ralston's twin brother, Nicholas St John, and what happens when he meets Lady Isabel Townsend. There's scandal, passion, romance and humour within their story, and they make a formidable team. Nick is an eligible bachelor with women fawning over his every move, and Isabel is the secretive daughter of a now-deceased wastrel. When their paths collide so do their feelings - and not always in a good way!

These two characters are fantastically realised and it's great to see more of Nick. He features briefly in Nine Rules but deservedly takes centre stage here. Isabel is amusing and headstrong, she knows exactly what she wants and won't be swayed by anyone, not even those she holds most dear. She has a lot of responsibility on her young shoulders but doesn't run away or try to get out of it - she's the kind of girl who Jane Austen would be proud of!

I love how Sarah MacLean can transport me back to Regency England and make me feel like I'm actually there. Her descriptions and characters make the era come alive and I'm genuinely sad every time I have to close one of her books. Her writing is lovely and immersive, making it easy for even me to read and appreciate. Although her stories are set many, many years ago, her writing is never difficult and, lucky for me, avoids reading like a classic.

I'm looking forward to reading many more Sarah MacLean books and I hope they're all as good as the two I've read so far. She really has opened my eyes to a new genre which I now love, so thanks for that, Sarah. Now, is there a Regency Anonymous club I can join somewhere? I'm ever so slightly addicted!

* Please note: this is an adult book with sexual content and is aimed at older readers. 

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Quinn @ Quinn's Book Nook said...

I always love seeing someone fall in love with historical romance novels! I'm a big fan, although I can be rather picky.

I really liked this one. I've only read three MacLean novels, but I need to read more.

You should absolutely DEFINITELY check out Julia Quinn's novels. They are AMAZING. JQ's books tend to have a lot of humor in them, and she is a total master at dialogue.

I would recommend starting with JQ's Bridgerton series (the first book is called The Duke and I).