Saturday, 28 June 2014

Review: Wings & Co - The Vanishing of Billy Buckle by Sally Gardner

Publisher: Orion Children's
Format: Paperback
Released: December 5th, 2013
Rating: 7/10

Amazon summary:

The Wings and Co detectives are in Puddliepool-on-Sea. The giant Billy Buckle is missing. His daughter Primrose is desperate to find him - and so are the detectives, because Primrose is growing bigger every day and living with a giant isn't half as fun as it sounds. There's also a murdered pianist and a vanished fortune-teller to deal with. It's up to Emily, Fidget and Buster to get to the bottom of it! 


The Vanishing of Billy Buckle is the third book in Sally Gardner's brilliant Wings and Co series. While I didn't like it quite as much as Operation Bunny and Three Pickled Herrings, I still really enjoyed it and think this is one of the best modern series for children!

In The Vanishing of Billy Buckle, Billy Buckle the giant is missing and the Wings and Co team are tasked with finding him and looking after his giant daughter, Primrose, in the meantime. There's also the small case of a murder and a missing diamond to keep the team busy - nothing is ever quiet for Emily, Buster and Fidget!

I love how these books are written; they're so fun and have the best, most unusual characters. My favourite is still the magic lamp and the keys, each of which has human qualities and the ability to do much more than just unlock a door. I like Emily, Buster and Fidget too, of course, especially Fidget's ability to relate absolutely anything and everything to fish and food!

The Wings and Co series is now firmly on my favourites shelf and I can't wait for the fourth book, The Matchbox Mysteries, to be published in October 2014. These books are perfect for anyone who likes a funny, imaginitive story and truly unique children's characters. Here's more from Wings and Co, the best fairy detective agency out there!

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