Saturday, 26 July 2014

Review: Corpse Talk Season 1 by Adam Murphy

Publisher: David Fickling Books
Format: Trade paperback
Released: July 3rd, 2014
Rating: 8.5/10

Publisher's summary:

In this collection of one of the most popular comics in The Phoenix, our intrepid interviewer chats with some of the most amazing guys and girls from history. Kings, explorers, heroes of science, musicians – he gets all the DEAD FAMOUS to spill the beans on some of the most INCREDIBLE, ASTONISHING, GRIZZLY, GRIMY AND COOL bits of our world's history!


As soon as I laid eyes on Corpse Talk I knew it was going to be good. The idea by itself is fantastic - a chat show interviewing famous dead people from history. Have you ever heard a more genius pitch than that? The fact that it's presented as a comic makes it even better, and the illustrations are some of the funniest I've seen. Kids are in for a treat with this one!

Corpse Talk host Adam Murphy, also the author and illustrator, basically interviews real dead people who had an important role to play in our history. So besides being educational, it's also highly amusing and very, very clever, packed with facts that kids nowadays probably don't even learn in their school history lessons.

Famous dead people interviewed include Tutankhamun, Florence Nightingale, Henry VIII, Abraham Lincoln and my favourites Winston Churchill and Jane Austen. The comic conversations themselves are easygoing and interesting, and Corpse Talk succeeds in making history fun, and as an added bonus you'll also learn all about Winston Churchill's power naps!

Corpse Talk is a great way to spend a couple of hours, especially in you're interested in historical figures. Even if you're not it's still an enjoyable read, packed with jokes and intelligent writing that is sure to make anyone appreciate years gone by. Oh, and the artwork is great too - you'll never look at Emmeline Pankhurst the same way again!

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