Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Review: My Zombie Hamster by Havelock McCreely

Publisher: Egmont USA
Format: Hardcover / eBook
Released: July 8th, 2014
Rating: 8.5/10

Amazon summary:

13-year-old Matt Hunter is suffering from the worst Christmas ever. His parents bought him a hamster, a stupid hamster, instead of the top-line video game he craves. But as Matt looks closer at the hamster he realises something isn't right. Why is Snuffles staring at him with black beady eyes? And how can he still stand with half of his stomach fallen off? Not to mention the smell of rotting. Something about Snuffles just isn't right. A hamster wheel will do little to keep this pet busy in this hilarious new kid's novel. How much trouble can an undead hamster cause? 


Matt Hunter is a typical thirteen-year-old boy: he likes video games, hanging out with his friends and staying away from the zombies that now plague the Earth. All he wants for Christmas is a video game controller, but what he gets instead is a hamster. Yes, a hamster. Just the thing he wanted! Pretty soon something is clearly very wrong with hamster Snuffles - he's dead! Well, not the usual dead, but UNdead. He's a zombie hamster!

As you can tell from that tiny sprinkling of the plot, My Zombie Hamster is very funny and an absolute laugh a minute. I lost count of how many times I chuckled out loud, mainly thanks to author Havelock McCreely's deadpan humour and love of sarcasm. Also, there's zombies in the form of animals, which in itself provides some hilarious moments, especially when Snuffles makes a run for it!

This book is fast-paced, unusual and perfect for middle grade readers still too young to watch The Walking Dead. Although it's about zombies, it isn't too gruesome and instead focuses on the more humorous side of the undead. I even found myself feeling a bit sorry for Snuffles and his predicament - after all, he's only an innocent hamster who somehow finds himself as dead as a doornail. I'm still not sure how he got infected at the dodgy pet shop where he came from, but I'd love to know!

My Zombie Hamster is a great book for middle grade readers, and is perfect for fans of Darren Shan and Goosebumps. It's certainly a topical subject, what with the recent influx of zombie enthusiasm, and should sit well with both boys and girls. I hope there's a sequel planned because I've become a bit attached to little Snuffles and his missing innards. Here's to more adventures from him and his zombie friends!

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