Friday, 22 August 2014

Review: Maisie Mae - Bad Luck Bridesmaid by Poppy Harper

Publisher: Little, Brown Young Readers
Format: Paperback / eBook
Released: June 19th, 2014
Rating: 8/10

Amazon summary:

When Maisie Mae is asked to be a bridesmaid it's a dream come true! Because weddings mean flowers and cake and, most importantly, BEAUTIFUL dresses. But things never run smoothly in Maisie's house and disaster is followed by more DISASTER! This time, Maisie might not even be able to blame her five stinky brothers. Maisie is probably the UNLUCKIEST bridesmaid in the history of forever... Can best friend Bethany-next-door help to save the day? 


Maisie Mae: Bad Luck Bridesmaid is the second Maisie Mae book and is just as good as the first! Maisie is back with her five crazy, muddy brothers in what can only be described as a cautionary tale of bridesmaid dresses and how not to spill Ribena on them!

When Maisie's beloved Aunt Flo announces she's getting married, Maisie is super excited to finally be a bridesmaid. The dress is perfect, her brothers hate wearing suits and there's a marquee in the garden - everything is ready. Until Maisie ruins her dress and it's up to her best friend Bethany to help save the day!

Maisie Mae is a great character and I really enjoy reading these books. She has a huge chaotic family and plenty of hilarious mishaps constantly ruining her plans, making these books a joy to read from start to finish. Clare Elsom's illustrations compliment Poppy Harper's writing perfectly and I'm sure Maisie Mae must be a huge hit with younger readers. If they're not reading these books, they're missing out!

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