Thursday, 21 August 2014

Review: My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish by Mo O'Hara

Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books
Format: Paperback / eBook
Released: February 28th, 2013
Rating: 6.5/10

Amazon summary:

Tom’s big brother is an Evil Scientist who wants to experiment on Tom's new goldfish, Frankie. Can Tom save his fish from being dunked in radioactive gunge? Er, no. In an act of desperation Tom zaps Frankie with a battery, bringing him back to life! But there’s something weird about the new Frankie – he’s now a zombie goldfish with hypnotic powers, and he wants revenge . . . Tom has a difficult choice to make - save his evil brother, or save his fishy friend?


My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish is an unusual book for younger readers, but a fun one too. It's about a fish called Frankie who, after an unfortunate incident with some nasty green gunge, is brought back to life with a battery and finds he's now a zombie! What a bonkers concept!

This book is split into two stories: A Frankly Shocking Tale and Rules the School. Each story is about eighty pages long and introduces fish Frankie, new owner Tom and his best friend Pradeep. Each story is fast-paced and funny, with Frankie quickly becoming the star of the show. He's a mischievous, slightly evil zombie goldfish who always looks out for his friends. If you're an enemy, well... watch out!

My favourite of the two stories presented here is A Frankly Shocking Tale. It's the origin tale of Frankie from normal household goldfish to swirly-eyed zombie, and just how it all happens is great to read. It involves Tom's big brother (evil scientist), strange green slime and some pretty high voltage. From that day on, Frankie is never the same and Tom's house is a danger zone. Yikes!

If you like the Undead Pets series then My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish is the next book for you. While it's not one of my favourites for this age range, it kept me entertained and made me want to read more books in the series, starting with My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish: The Sea-quel (ha!). Author Mo O'Hara has the knack when it comes to writing for children and I look forward to delving into more of her writing.

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