Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Review: Puddle Pug by Kim Norman and Keika Yamaguchi

Publisher: Sterling
Format: Hardcover
Released: August 7th, 2014
Rating: 8/10

Amazon summary:

Percy the Pug loves puddles: big puddles, small puddles, swamp puddles, stomp puddles. But no puddle is perfect, until he finds one with three friendly piglets. But protective Mama Pig says NO PUGS and chases Percy away!


Percy the pug likes puddles. He likes all kinds of puddles: big ones, small ones, wide ones and deep ones. Every day he plays in puddles and one day he comes across a huge muddy puddle home to some pigs. The pigs don't want him in their puddle, so Percy is cast out and sad every day after. One day he suddenly has the opportunity to help the pigs and change mummy pig's mind about sharing her puddle. But will everything work out for this puddle-loving pug?

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Puddle Pug is so, so cute. The illustrations of Percy made me say "aww" more times than I could count, especially when he's depicted rolling in puddles with his tongue lolling out and a happy grin on his face. Keika Yamaguchi's artwork is brilliant and unlike any I've come across in picture books before; the colours are softer and every page has a calming feel to it. Even when Percy is jumping in puddles!

The story itself is a lovely one too, showing that good deeds go a long way in life and that it's important not to be selfish. It also shows that different types of animals can get along together, just like different people can, no matter what race or nationality they are. It's an important lesson for young children to learn, and Kim Norman does a great job of incorporating it into this picture book.

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Puddle Pug is a thoroughly enjoyable read from start to finish and is full of adorable illustrations of a little, energetic pug. I fell in love with Percy as soon as I saw him and I'm positive children will too, though of course they'll probably want a real one for themselves (just a warning for any parents out there!). This book is so much fun to read and I could happily spend hours just looking at all the illustrations and wishing for my very own puddle pug. For now I think I'll just have to make do with Percy!

Puddle Pug is £11.99 and available here.

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