Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Review: Wendy Quill is Full Up of Wrong by Wendy Meddour and Mina May

Publisher: OUP
Format: Paperback / eBook
Released: July 3rd, 2014
Rating: 7/10

Amazon summary:

It is very tricky to get things right ALL of the time. Sometimes, I get things a little bit wrong. But it's not actually always my entire fault. Like when my too-fast-bike whizzed round a corner and I slightly-squished a lady, or when the ghost in my sister's room accidentally pushed her open diary into my hands... My name is Wendy Quill and this is the story of my slightly awful accidents*. *don't worry though - it's all OK in the end! 


Wendy Quill is Full Up of Wrong is the third book in the Wendy Quill series created by mother-daughter team Wendy Meddour (author) and Mina May (illustrator). It's a really fun book for younger readers and provides plenty of laughs and fantastic drawings!

In this book, split into three stories, Wendy Quill finds herself getting into some trouble, completely by accident. If it's not a ghost making her read her sister's diary then it's her bike accidentally squishing an old lady - completely natural occurrences, of course!

Mischievous Wendy will appeal to younger readers and I'm sure they'll see a bit of themselves in her. She's a typical nine-year-old, always up to something and concocting naughty plans. Just the funny kind of character you want!

Wendy Quill is Full Up of Wrong is an enjoyable book that will do well with existing fans of the Maisie Mae and Penelope Crumb series. The writing is spot on and the illustrations are brilliant - children will love meeting Wendy and her friends!

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