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Blog Tour: Review - Echoes of Scotland Street by Samantha Young

Publisher: Piatkus / NAL Trade
Format: eBook (UK) / Paperback & eBook (US)
Released: October 7th, 2014
Rating: 8.5/10

Amazon summary:

Shannon MacLeod has always gone for the wrong type of man. After she drifted from one toxic relationship to the next, her last boyfriend gave her a wake-up call in the worst possible way. With her world shattered, she's sworn off men - especially those of the bad-boy variety. Cole Walker is exactly the sort that Shannon wants to avoid - gorgeous, tattooed, charming, and cocky. But his rough exterior hides a good man - one who's determined to pull Shannon from her self-imposed solitude and win her heart. As Shannon begins to open up, the passion between them ignites to blazing levels. But when her past comes back to haunt her, her fears may destroy the trust Cole has built between them - and tear them apart for good...


Echoes of Scotland Street is the second of Samantha Young's books I've read and is the best so far. It's less dramatic than I was expecting, which is a good thing, and more realistic. Cole and Shannon are both deep, well-realised characters with chequered pasts that slowly come to light, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them.

Shannon first meets Cole briefly when she's fifteen, then again when she's in her early twenties and working at tattoo parlour INKarnate. He's super hot, of course (aren't they all?), but also a genuinely nice, caring guy. They hit it off pretty much instantly, and what follows is a whirlwind two months of intensity, marred by painful confessions and trust issues. Shannon has to learn to trust again, and Cole has to let her take her time - it's an arduous process that at times threatens to break them, but still they do the best they can.

Echoes of Scotland Street is formulaic to a point - there's the troubled pasts, instant attraction and requisite sex scenes to make you blush - but it's also very, very readable. Once I started reading it I didn't want to stop; I wanted to know every last thing about these people and their relationship, and that to me is the sign of a well-written, honest depiction of a romance.

Samantha Young certainly knows how to write people and dialogue, and she has a way with big families. The family depicted in this now long-running series are one of the best I've read in contemporary fiction, and I really do need to read the first few books in the series and properly acquaint myself with the characters I don't know as well. Their whole dynamic is admirable, and knowing there's always someone to have your back must be a great feeling to have.

Don't expect anything new from this book, but do expect to be pulled in from the very first page. Prepare to be embroiled in Cole and Shannon's mini saga as they embark on an addictive relationship, all the while sorting out their past demons and learning to move forward. This is a great read for anyone into NA or plain old romance, and I'm so glad I gave this author a chance. I'm already looking forward to her next book!

Please note: this book is not suitable for younger readers.


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Katieb Mundie Moms said...

Great review. I loved her YA books, and have only read the first book in this series. I'm really looking forward to picking this book up and reading it. Like you, I also need to read the rest of the series too. I love her writing.