Friday, 24 October 2014

Review: Good Question - How Strong Is an Ant? by Mary Kay Carson

Publisher: Sterling
Format: Paperback
Released: September 7th, 2014
Rating: 7/10

Amazon summary:

Are there more insects than people on Earth? Are all bugs insects? And can all insects fly? From the number of legs a ladybird has to the truth about whether termites eat wood and why crickets chirp, this cool book helps children discover some of the world's most amazing creatures. 


Are there more insects than people on Earth? Are all bugs insects? Why do crickets chirp? The answers to these questions, and many more, can be found within the pages of How Strong Is an Ant?, a new fact-filled book all about bugs and insects.

Now I'm not a *huge* fan of insects myself; I detest spiders but don't mind most other kinds. Even though I'm not a big enthusiast, I really enjoyed this book and all the information it has to offer. I'm a firm believer in the notion that you can never have too much general knowledge in your head, so books like this are great reading material!

This book is set out in the same way as the rest of the series, with at least one question per page and illustrations to go with them. It's a great introduction to insects and tells you pretty much everything you need to know, including the metamorphosis of an insect and lots of information pertaining to their habitats and food. I even found out that Goliath beetles are among Earth's largest living insects - how's that for some trivia!

The Good Question series of books is perfect for anyone who wants to learn while reading fun facts and figures, and How Strong Is an Ant? is sure to be a hit with insect-loving younger readers. You'll definitely turn the final page knowing you have a better understanding and knowledge of these little critters, and maybe it will even inspire a new generation of bee keepers. Who knows!

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