Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Review: Monster Party by Annie Bach

Publisher: Sterling
Format: Hardcover
Released: October 7th, 2014
Rating: 8/10

Amazon summary:

Monster's invited, and monster's delighted! Come and join the monster bash. There's spinning and pinning, high-fiving and jiving and munching, crunching and buggy-food lunching. But when it all ends, Monster must leave his fun-loving friends. There's crying and sighing, until Monster discovers a happy surprise waiting for him at home.


Monster Party is a great picture book all about a little monster who goes to a monster party. He's so excited to be invited, and he dances, plays games and spends time with his friends. He also eats bug pizza which is a little bit disgusting! These monsters, eh?

The text in this book is rhyming, and it's clever how it all related to a party. I'm really terrible at rhyming so I have the utmost respect for Annie Bach and her brilliant little story. There's some good vocabulary used here too which will be useful for children learning new words, and of course it's always fun to have a story about multi-coloured monsters.

The monsters themselves are brilliantly drawn, with Annie Bach's illustrations being my favourite part of this whole book. There's monsters of all shapes and sizes here, each with a distinct look that includes bright colours and funny faces. My personal favourite is the smallest monster who has bat-like wings - he's so cute!

Monster Party is a really fun picture book for any younger reader, especially because of the accompanying illustrations. I enjoyed seeing how monsters get ready for their parties and what they eat on their pizzas - all I can say is yuck!

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Jesse Owen said...

Ooh! This one sounds like fun, great review as always :D