Saturday, 18 October 2014

Review: Sammy Feral's Diaries of Weird - Dragon Gold by Eleanor Hawken

Publisher: Quercus
Format: Paperback / eBook
Released: June 5th, 2014
Rating: 8/10

Amazon summary:

Sammy couldn't be more excited when two pandas arrive at Feral Zoo all the way from China. But when he finds a mysterious golden egg hidden inside the panda crate, he knows things are about to get WEIRD - again. Soon the egg hatches, and Sammy comes face to face with a tiny golden dragon. And, it seems to think he's its dad! Sammy needs answers, and he needs them fast - who sent the dragon, and why? It's not long before Sammy realises he's in more danger than he could ever imagine... 


Sammy Feral's Diaries of Weird is one of my favourite MG series out there so I was excited to read the latest book, Dragon Gold. Not only do I love dragons, but I also love Sammy Feral and all the weird animals at his family's zoo. Not that I'd want to meet any of them in real life, of course. Well, except maybe a dragon...

In Dragon Gold, two pandas arrive at the zoo with an unexpected object in their crate: a dragon egg! Despite all efforts to the contrary, the egg hatches (thank you, fire-breathing turtle) and Sammy now has a tiny pet dragon who thinks he's her mummy. It's not long before people come looking for Georgina the dragon, and Sammy realises they're all in a bit more danger than he thought. His life is always weird, but this is VERY weird!

This book is a fantastic, fast-paced addition to the Sammy Feral series. It has all the usual characters, as well as some new ones who shake things up and eat all the zoo's bamboo. Georgina is my favourite from this book, particularly because she's so cute. And a dragon. What better combination is there?

Eleanor Hawken writes some very funny characters and has a brilliant imagination I can only dream of having. The creatures featured in the book are all weird and unusual, and I love them all. I also like his sheer loyalty and determination to protect them all, even when his life is on the line. Now that's what a cryptozoologist should be like! Here's to many more adventures from Sammy Feral and the gang - I hope unicorns are next!

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