Thursday, 13 November 2014

Review: The Great Reindeer Rebellion by Lisa Trumbauer and Jannie Ho

Publisher: Sterling
Format: Large paperback
Released: November 7th, 2014
Rating: 8/10

Amazon summary:

Oh, no! There's trouble brewing in the North Pole: Santa's reindeer have gone on strike and he's auditioning other animals to take their place. But when the cats abandon station to chase some mice and the elephants fall through the roof, what's Santa to do? Will his eight trusty reindeer ever fly again? This playful take on 'The Night Before Christmas' gives kids a fun behind-the-scenes peek into Santa's workshop. 


The Great Reindeer Rebellion is another lovely, fun picture book with a jolly, bright Christmas theme. It's about Santa's reindeers all going on strike, and the selection of animals that try their best to take their place and pull the sleigh. What a catastrophe for Santa and his elves!

Lisa Trumbauer has written this story in brilliant rhyme which reminds me of The Night Before Christmas. It's a fast-paced story featuring lots of different animals, and of course the cheeky reindeer who have a list of demands before they'll fly again.

The illustrations are all great too, with lots of bright colours and realistic Christmas scenes. There's plenty of snow, Santa and sleighs - exactly what children will want to read about when December rolls around. I really enjoyed this book; it's the perfect festive read for any little ones patiently awaiting Father Christmas dropping down their chimney. Let's just hope his reindeer don't get any ideas!

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