Saturday, 8 November 2014

Review: The Promise of Amazing by Robin Constantine

Publisher: Balzer + Bray
Format: Hardcover / eBook
Released: December 31st, 2013
Rating: 7/10

Amazon summary:

Wren Caswell is average. Ranked in the middle of her class at Sacred Heart, she's not popular, not a social misfit. Wren is the quiet good girl who's always done what she's supposed to—only now, in her junior year, this passive strategy is backfiring. She wants to change but doesn't know how. Grayson Barrett was the king of St. Gabe's: star of the lacrosse team, at the top of his class, and on the fast track to a brilliant future—until he was expelled for being a "term-paper pimp." Now Gray is in a downward spiral and needs to change but doesn't know how. One fateful night, their paths cross at Wren's family's Arthurian-themed catering hall. What follows is the complicated, awkward, hilarious, and tender tale of two teens shedding their pasts, figuring out who they are—and falling in love.


I've been looking forward to The Promise of Amazing for ages. I dutifully pre-ordered it and read it as soon as it arrived in my possession. It's exactly what I needed: a fun, often lighthearted contemporary romance with two great main characters and plenty of teen drama!

Wren and Grayson could easily fit into the star-crossed category: Wren is quiet and keeps to herself while Grayson is popular and was the star of his school before getting expelled. They meet by chance at Wren's family's catering hall, after she saves him from choking on a tasty snack. Slowly they become friends, leading to secrets being revealed and both their lives changing.

Things progress very quickly between Wren and Grayson, which many readers may have a problem with. I'm not usually a fan of instalove, but in this case it seems more realistic, more understated and very authentic when it comes to teenagers and how their feelings are intensified. I'm sure we all remember being sixteen and liking someone for the first time, and that's exactly the feeling that's encapsulated in this novel.

The Promise of Amazing is romantic, believable and perfectly suited to a teen film. Debut author Robin Constantine writes well, mixing the trials and tribulations of everyday family life with the excitement and sheer terror of possibly falling in love for the first time. I enjoyed this book and will be sure to look out for more from this author!

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This sounds cute and fun - a perfect rainy afternoon read!