Friday, 28 November 2014

Review: Ten on the Sled by Kim Norman and Liza Woodruff

Publisher: Sterling
Format: Hardcover
Released: November 7th, 2014
Rating: 7.5/10

Amazon summary:

In the land of the midnight sun, all the animals are having fun speeding down the hill on Caribou's sled. But as they go faster and faster, Seal, Hare, Walrus, and the others all fall off, until just the caribou's left. Now, a reindeer likes flying, but never alone, so all the animals leap onto the sled again! 


What first struck me about Ten on the Sled was the lovely, colourful illustrations. All ten featured animals are bright and recognisable, not to mention fluffy and very fond of knitwear! Together they're on a slippery slidey sleigh adventure, as one after another tumbles off the sleigh and lands in the snow. It's great fun for all the family!

This board book is short and to the point, focusing on teaching children their numbers from one to ten and also introducing ten new species of animal, from a caribou to a squirrel. Children will learn new words as well, as each animal flips, whirls and hops out of the sled (usually head first!). It's a great educational tool as well as being a fast, enjoyable read that is well suited to this wintery time of year.

Ten on the Sled showcases words, numbers and some brilliant illustrations, making it the perfect title for little learners. It's nice and sturdy too, so it should withstand any chewing or throwing that may befall it. Also it's so worth reading just to see a wolf wearing what looks like a tweed jacket. Only in picture books!

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