Thursday, 13 November 2014

Review: The Winter Wolf by Holly Webb

Publisher: Stripes Publishing
Format: Hardcover / eBook
Released: September 1st, 2014
Rating: 7/10

Amazon summary:

Amelia is exploring the huge, old house where her family are spending Christmas when she finds a diary hidden in the attic. It was written by a boy struggling to look after an abandoned wolf pup. Before she knows it, Amelia is transported into the wintry world of the diary. 


The Winter Wolf is my second ever Holly Webb book and now I can really see why she's so popular. She writes lovely children's books that have a wide appeal and can be enjoyed by anyone of any age, the proof of which lies with me at twenty-seven years old.

The Winter Wolf sees nine-year-old Amelia exploring an old house and, while avoiding a dog, she stumbles upon an old diary written by a boy in 1873. The boy, Noah, is trying to look after a wolf pup he finds after its mother is injured, and Amelia somehow ends up transported into the diary and back in time! She meets Noah and baby wolf Frost, and is integral to saving the pup's life.

Holly Webb's writing is so brilliant, especially for children. There's an innocence to her stories that reminded me of Enid Blyton (my childhood favourite), and I can see from her many books that she's almost as prolific as the great creator of The Famous Five. I instantly liked Amelia and also related to her - I was knocked over by a big dog when I was little and ever since then I've always been wary and a little bit scared of them. Amelia faces her fears throughout the book, and makes such a huge difference to Noah's and Frost's lives.

I didn't expect this book to take the turn that it did, transporting Amelia back in time, but I loved that aspect of it. It's all so easy to believe from the way Webb describes the surroundings and differences to now (a girl wearing trousers!), and I enjoyed learning  a little bit about what life would have been like then. I also knew nothing about wolf cubs before reading this, so gaining some knowledge on that subject was great too.

The Winter Wolf is recommended for anyone who likes animal stories, lovely writing and books perfect for the upcoming winter months. I'll certainly be seeking out more of Holly Webb's novels, and I urge you all to do the same.

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