Saturday, 1 November 2014

Review: Witchworld by Emma Fischel

Publisher: Nosy Crow
Format: Paperback / eBook
Released: September 4th, 2014
Rating: 7/10

Amazon summary:

The witches of Witchworld have no need for old-fashioned wands or broomsticks, not when they have shiny Spellsticks and super-whizzy Skyriders instead. And no one has a cauldron anymore, just a cupboard full of Potions2Go. Flo Skritchett lives with her mother, the editor-in-chief of celebrity andLifestyle magazine, Hocus Pocus, and her witchteen sister. All is well, until her grandmother flies in to town and warns them that Witchworld is in danger from a Ghoul Attack! No one believes her - after all, Ghouls died out years ago and she still rides around on a broomstick, for goodness' sake! 


I bought Witchworld as soon as it arrived at work - the bright green cover, purple page edges and Chris Riddell illustration caught my eye immediately. Plus, it's about witches, which is always a very good thing indeed! I read it all in one sitting and really enjoyed my little foray into Witchworld, especially because it sounds like so much fun. What a shame I'm not a witch!

Witchworld is all about Flo, a young witch with an eccentric grandma, a somewhat skeptic mother and a sister more bothered about boys than anything actually important. When grandma arrives on an old fashioned broomstick one day, convinced that the world needs saving from an imminent ghoul attack, Flo is thrown into a world of witches and magic that she's never seen before. It's up to Grandma and Flo to save Witchworld from ghouls, but first they need everyone to believe them!

Witchworld is an exciting story centred around a fully-fledged witch world created by Emma Fischel. She's made a whole community, with its own rules and history, and made it seem very believable. It's a place where ghouls are the stuff of legend, forest pixies are as famous and adored as One Direction and people travel around the sky in skyriders. It's all so cool, and I would love to live in Witchworld. I'd even settle for visiting, just so I could meet a cute little forest pixie!

Flo and her family are lovely characters to get to know, particularly her typical teen sister Hetty and wise old grandma who no-one takes seriously. Her mum takes slightly longer to get to like, mostly because she point blank refuses to take notice of what grandma's saying and instead threatens to remove her from the house. Mind you, I suppose if you thought ghouls were extinct, you might question old grandma's sanity too!

Witchworld is a good, enjoyable start to what could prove to be a hugely successful children's series. It's well written and executed, with an imaginary world that is well thought out and realistic. I'll certainly be reading the next book in the series, Witchmyth, which will hopefully prove just as good as Witchworld. I'm looking forward to catching up with the Skritchett family and seeing what they get up to next!

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