Saturday, 17 January 2015

My Blog is 6 Years Old Today!

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Hey guys!

This is just a quick post to mark the fact that this here blog is six years old today! I do this every year but never quite know what to say, other than thanks to everyone who has ever read any of my posts, left a comment, spoken to me on Twitter, emailed, sent me books to review... without you Wondrous Reads would just be me talking to myself about the books I read. And we all know that would be pretty boring!

I've made so many friends in the last six years thanks to this blog, and I continue to make more. Some of those friends will be with me for life, I'm sure, and really that's even better than discovering a new favourite book.

So, thanks to you all and I'll see you next January for my seven year anniversary!

- Jenny


Daisy Chain Book Reviews said...

Congrats on six years, Jenny! Wondrous Reads was one of the first book blogs I followed way back and still a big favourite today! :)

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

Happy number six! I can't believe we've been at this for so long!

caroline.taylor078 said...

Wow, 6 years, I must have been reading this blog for at least 4 of them. Congratulations and here's to another wonderful year.

Charlotte said...

Happy Blog Birthday!

Susan Mann said...

Happy blogoversary lovely. What an achievement. It's my blogs 5th this week. Yours was definitely one of the first I read. You inspire so many x