Thursday, 5 February 2015

Review: Middle School - My Brother is a Big, Fat Liar by James Patterson and Lisa Papademetriou

Publisher: Arrow
Format: Paperback / eBook
Released: February 13th, 2014
Rating: 6/10

Amazon summary:

Georgia Khatchadorian plans to excel at Hills Village Middle School in all the places her troublemaking brother failed. She's even bet him that she'll quickly become one of the most popular girls in school. But Rafe left a big mark at HVMS, and no one will give Georgia a chance! Even worse, Rafe has sneakily signed up her band to play at the school dance, and she's terrified to embarrass herself in front of the snooty 'Princesses' who run the school and the boy who's caught her eye. Will she be able to overcome her fears and win her bet with Rafe? Find out THE TRUTH about Rafe Khatchadorian's sister in the first Middle School story from the point of view of the hilarious Georgia – a girl who's ready to speak her mind! 


This third book in the Middle School series is my least favourite so far, but is still a fun read that delves deeper into the Khatchadorian family's secrets. It's all about Rafe's younger sister, Georgia, and her first foray into the world of Hills Village Middle School which, as we know, isn't the best place for her family.

I really enjoy Rafe's narration in this series so switching to someone else was a bit jarring. I don't find Georgia as funny, though it's nice to see her representing the girls. She has a lot to cope with in this book, particularly when it comes to having a bad reputation as Rafe's troublemaker sister. Obviously she can look out for herself, but middle school can be a brutal place, as she soon finds out.

Although Georgia isn't my Khatchadorian sibling of choice, I did enjoy getting to know her better. Ultimate Showdown's sibling rivalry makes more sense now, and it's good to know why she's always felt like she's in Rafe's shadow. I don't think her voice has the same spark as Rafe's does, but she's still an interesting person to spend a book with.

My Brother Is a Big, Fat Liar didn't quite live up to my high expectations, but I think things will go back to normal when Rafe returns in the next book. The Khatchadorian family has captured my interest completely, and make Middle School a must-read series. They also make me glad I'm not in mandatory education anymore. Yikes!

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