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Oksa Pollock - The Heart of Two Worlds Blog Tour: Anne Plichota's Top 5 Love Triangles!

The magical land of Edefia is dying - and with it, the Earth: floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are putting millions of lives in danger. The one hope is Oksa Pollock, a teenage girl who has recently discovered her astounding powers, and her true heritage. Only she can save the world, by returning to her enchanted homeland. She has the loyal Runaways at her side, but she also needs the help of some bitter enemies... As the tension grows between her oldest friend Gus and the brooding Tugdual, Oksa finds she must pay a terrible price to enter the hidden realm. And what will await her on the other side?

Oksa Pollock: The Heart of Two Worlds was published in paperback in the UK on February 26th, and to celebrate there's a fun little blog tour happening until the 7th March. My post today is a great piece from Anne Plichota all about her top love triangles - yay for a Buffy mention!

I hope you enjoy reading and thanks to Anne for writing it for me!


by Anne Plichota

DANGEROUS LIAISONS/Choderlos de Laclos
Mme de Merteuil/Valmont/Mme de Volanges

The book displays one of the rare love triangles where a man shares the love of two women. This great classic is a real model of Machiavellian deceit, cynicism, and good morals too, even if love and honesty do not triumph in the end…

THE PALE LADY/Alexandre Dumas

This relatively unknown short story was written before Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It is a sinister story that recounts the struggle between two brothers (one of which is a vampire) who become sworn enemies, fighting to win the love of a woman… It is full of romance, gothic at times, and beautifully written.


This is one of the first great fantasy TV series, with a typical ‘bad boy/pretty girl/nice boy’ trio. I enjoyed the feeling of finding the ‘bad’ character so much more interesting… The series that followed (Twilight and The Vampire Diaries) are also favourites of mine. And I always have a soft spot for the ‘bad boy’… (Isn’t Damon just perfect ?)

SUPERMAN (the movie)
Clark Kent/Lana Lang/Alexander ‘Lex’ Luthor

I very much like the idea of a lovesick hero (who nevertheless has supernatural powers!) challenging a demonic character, without matching his strength…


A great examination of the pain of love, from a masculine perspective. Two men are in love with the same, enigmatic woman. She hesitates and moves between them. Who should she choose, and how can she decide? A story of an overwhelming passion that causes great pain to all it touches.


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