Monday, 9 March 2015

Review: Witch Wars by Sibéal Pounder

Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's Books
Format: Paperback / eBook
Released: March 12th, 2015
Rating: 7.5/10

Amazon summary:

When Fran the Fabulous Fairy turns up in Tiga Whicabim's shed to tell her she's a witch, Tiga doesn't believe her. Or at least not until Fran points out that TIGA WHICABIM is actually an anagram of I AM A BIG WITCH and magics her away down the drainpipes to compete in Witch Wars - the competition to crown the next Top Witch of Ritzy City. 


Witch Wars is the start of a great new series for any witch-loving younger readers out there. It's fast and fun, fully illustrated throughout and showcases a fantastic imagination behind Sibéal Pounder's writing - what more could you ask for from a middle grade book?!

Tiga Whicabim has no idea she's a witch, until one unusual day when Fran the fairy turns up at her shed to give her the news. Suddenly Tiga's life changes, she's whisked away down a drainpipe and finds herself competing in the Witch Wars, a competition designed to find the next best witch of Ritzy City. Oh my!

Witch Wars is so much fun, particularly because of all the witchy stuff going on. There's fairies, riddles, mean girls and spells, not to mention some cracking illustrations that are reason enough to read this book. 7+ readers will love this unlikely story of a girl finding out she's a witch and competing in a highly dangerous contest, and no doubt there'll be a few Tiga's arriving at school on next year's World Book Day!

I thoroughly enjoyed Witch Wars and I'm sure it'll do well with its target audience. Anyone who read Emma Fischel's Witchworld should seek out a copy of Witch Wars as soon as possible - these days it's all about witches and fairies and these two novels are perfect examples of how to do it right. I hope you all enjoy your impending visit to Ritzy City!

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Rosi said...

Thanks for the review. This sounds really fun.