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Witch Wars Blog Tour: Sibéal Pounder Introduces the Witch Wars Core Cast!

When Fran the Fabulous Fairy turns up in Tiga Whicabim's shed to tell her she's a witch, Tiga doesn't believe her. Or at least not until Fran points out that TIGA WHICABIM is actually an anagram of I AM A BIG WITCH and magics her away down the drainpipes to compete in Witch Wars - the competition to crown the next Top Witch of Ritzy City.

Witch Wars is published in the UK on March 12th and is set to take the witch-loving middle grade world by storm. I really enjoyed it and think it'll be a huge hit - it's fun and features fairies so I think that's about as cool as you can get!

Thanks to Sibéal Pounder for this post and I hope you enjoy meeting the cast of Witch Wars!


There is a world where witches live, deep down below the sink pipes...   
Introducing… THE WITCH WARS CORE CAST! (And Fran.)   
Tiga Whicabim   
Tiga is the main character and her name is an anagram of I Am A Big Witch. After I wrote that, I spent days trying to get an anagram from my name. All I came up with was A Bluenose Drip.    
Favourite Food: Anything but Miss Heks' cheese water (to make cheese water, place a piece of mouldy cheese in some water. Let it disintegrate as the water boils. Drink it).    
Peggy Pigwiggle   
Peggy is probably the nicest kid in Sinkville. She's always wanted to win Witch Wars in order to rule the place and help people. She's named after my gran, who died when I was seven, so I don't remember her very well. But I do remember what her laugh was like and that she would always meet me at the airport with a tube of Smarties hidden in her handbag. Everyone always tells me how lovely-to-her-bones she was, and my mum is exactly the same. I wanted Peggy to be like that, one of those lovely-to-their-bones types.     
Best line: "That's Flappy Flora's Floral Foot Cream. They don't make it anymore because someone realised Flappy Flora's Floral Foot Cream is really difficult to say..."   
Fluffanora Brew   
Fluffanora's real name is Anna but she asked her mum to change it to FLUFFANORA when she was four years old. She kind of regrets that now. She's the daughter of Ritzy City's most famous fashion designer, Mrs Brew.  
Luckily, I didn't encounter many Miranda Priestly's when I did fashion journalism and Mrs Brew and Fluffanora represent the lovely women I met. Fluffanora loves the creative side of fashion and its history, and she wears what she wants and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Most importantly, she never judges anyone on their appearance.   
Favourite thing: Hanging out in Clutterbucks drinking Witching Whirl cocktails.    
Felicity Bat   
She's the baddie. She comes from a long line of evil ruling witches and is very talented – she's one of only a few witches in Sinkville who can levitate. Her gran is Celia Crayfish, one of the worst ruling witches ever to hold power in Ritzy City and her family lives in faraway Pearl Peak, which is where the first witch landed in Sinkville (the hole she made when she landed over 50,000 years ago is still there).      
Favourite thing: levitating or calling Peggy 'Piggy'.     
Aggie Hoof     
Aggie Hoof is Felicity Bat’s sidekick. She’s great fun to write because she’s essentially a caricature of a fashionista. Unlike Fluffanora, she follows trends religiously and worries a lot about not wearing the “right” thing. All of her opinions of people are based on what they’re wearing, and all her worries are based on the assumption that everyone else is going to judge her like she judges them.   
Best line: “According to Toad magazine it’s not cool to have pointy shoes this week, but it might be again next week. And so WE MUST THROW OUT ALL OUR POINTY SHOES RIGHT NOW!”   
Milly and Molly 
The terrible twins! They are complete pains and run around causing trouble. Lil (also known as Laura Ellen Anderson), who illustrates Witch Wars, once told me they are her favourite characters to draw, so I’ve made sure they pop up every now and again in book 2.    
Favourite things:     Milly: Molly / Molly: Milly   
Lizzie Beast   
Lizzie is very sweet and tall and clumsy. Her mum is an infamous camera operator in Brollywood. Infamous because she once sat on a fairy and squashed her. It kick-started the fairy riots, which involved them all flying around shouting "What do we want? NOT TO BE SQUASHED! And we'd also quite like a pony!' Only one of the fairies was yelling the pony bit, which annoyed all the others and the riots soon turned into a tiny flying ball of fairies all pulling each other’s hair and shouting, ‘Stop saying the pony bit, Alison!’   
Best bit: Almost beating Felicity Bat.    
Patty Pigeon   
Patty is very sweet and quiet and tends to get overshadowed by everything else that's going on. When I put the character line-up as the banner on my Twitter page (@sibealpounder), I looked at it on my phone and the little Twitter search icon was covering Patty Pigeon's face completely. That’s exactly the kind of thing that would happen to Patty Pigeon.   
Favourite scene: Being squashed by a chandelier.   
Fran is known as Fran the Fabulous Fairy (a name she made up for herself) and she is, well, fabulous. I would write more about her here but she kept trying to scene-steal so much in the book so there is plenty of her in that for you deal with.    
Favourite thing: shooting glittery dust everywhere (with infuriating regularity).

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