Friday, 17 April 2015

Review: The D'Evil Diaries by Tatum Flynn

Publisher: Orchard Books
Format: Paperback / eBook
Released: April 2nd, 2015
Rating: 7.5/10

Amazon summary:

Twelve-year-old Jinx is hopeless at being evil. Which is a bit of a problem when you're Lucifer's youngest son. But when Jinx runs away from Pandemonium, the walled city he's lived in all his life, he bumps into dead girl Tommy - who's been sent to Hell for accidentally feeding her nasty uncle to a circus lion - and unearths a conspiracy that could up-end the entire underworld.


I'm a big fan of anything like this: demons, vampires, the underworld, monsters, darkness... anything like that in book form, please throw it my way. The D'Evil Diaries is right up my street because of this very reason, and I'm glad to say that I really liked it and any other lovers of horrid things will like it too. Tatum Flynn has a great writing style topped off with a clever sense of humour, and I enjoyed getting to know Jinx and his family. I'm not sure I want to visit hell, though... maybe next year!

Jinx isn't your average twelve-year-old boy: he's Lucifer's son and a well-known name in hell. After a particularly rotten day, he runs away from the only city he knows (aptly called Pandemonium) and meets a human dead girl. This also isn't usual in hell - someone so young shouldn't end up there - and Jinx sets out on a little mission to find out just what on earth has gone wrong. And oh, have things gone wrong!

Jinx is a funny guy who I felt a bit sorry for. He's stuck in hell and just not very good at being evil, yet he can't go anywhere else and his dad s literally the most feared person in his world. He sucks it up though and tries his best to fit in, and for that he deserves a medal. He doesn't give up even though he wants to, and he even makes friends with dead human girl Tommy, even though he shouldn't. He has a lot to offer if only he could find his feet, which is why The D'Evil Diaries is such a great story. Unusual, too.

As well as a fun story and brilliant characters, there's also a selection of illustrations included to make this book even better - just wait until you see Jinx and Lucifer on the same page! As you can tell, I liked this book and am already looking forward to a sequel. Tatum Flynn could very well be a new name to watch in children's literature, and no doubt The D'Evil Diaries will find a beloved home with 10+ readers. I'm looking forward to more from Jinx and Tommy in the future!

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