Tuesday, 21 April 2015

What She Left Blog Tour: Alice's Childhood Letter!

Who is Alice Salmon? Student. Journalist. Daughter. Lover of late nights, hater of deadlines. That girl who drowned last year. Gone doesn't mean forgotten. Everyone's life leaves a trace behind. But it's never the whole story. "I will stand up and ask myself who I am. I do that a lot. I'll look in the mirror. Reassure myself, scare myself, like myself, hate myself. My name is Alice Salmon." 
When Alice Salmon died last year, the ripples from her tragic drowning could be felt in the news, on the internet, and in the hearts of those closest to her. However, the man who knows her best isn't family or a friend. His name is Professor Jeremy Cooke, an academic fixated on piecing together Alice's existence. Cooke knows that faithfully recreating Alice, through her diaries, text messages, and online presence, has become all-consuming. But he does not know how deep his search will take him into this shocking story of love, loss and obsession where everyone - including himself - has something to hide...

T.R. Richmond's What She Left is published in the UK on April 23rd and sounds like it's going to be a great thriller for fans of the genre. As part of the blog tour I have an exclusive extra to post, which is a letter written by the character Alice when she was younger.

I hope you enjoy reading it and do also check out the Facebook page for Alice and a Tumblr page where Professor Cooke is gathering information about her death.


Childhood letter written by Alice Salmon (edited for spelling mistakes). 
Dear Socks, 
I’ve cried all day but mum and dad keep telling me you’re playing with your squeak mouse in cat heaven. They think I'm still little but I know that's not true because I don't believe in heaven. Sorry for shouting at you that day you tripped me up. Sorry for not getting you in the Guinness book of records for having the longest whiskers in history. You were the best cat ever. You were way better than Meg’s cat Tigger or some stupid tortoise or stick insect that lives in a tank and doesn’t do anything. I’ll find the pig who was driving the car. Even if it takes 10 years I’ll tell the whole world he’s a cat killer. How many times did I tell you that road was dangerous baby Socks? We even stood by it once didn’t we and I made you look left and right like how I was taught. I know you didn't understand but I did it anyway. I love you Socks and promise to never get another cat. 
Love Miss Alice Louise Salmon 

What She Left by T. R. Richmond is published by Michael Joseph on 23rd April, priced £12.99

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caroline.taylor078 said...

This sounds right up my street, thrillers are probably my favourite genre.